Why Does Diversity Matter

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In the United States, people are more diverse than ever with many kinds of people living there, but in this diverse country some struggle to accept these differences. Currently, one of the most topics discussed is whether diversity is important. Many people might view this in two different ways; some might say that it is not, while another might state that it is important. Diversity is important since it can benefit the community more than it can hurt it. Gathered from multiple articles, these pieces of text explain why diversity matters. Some reasons as to why diversity matters are that it makes people harder-working and it helps improve their creativity as well. To begin with, diversity can cause many to be more creative. Creativity can…show more content…
Many might find themselves in a situation that involves the diversity of one, they think that the ‘labels’ that they have been given defines who they are. Labels does not mean anything, it just prevents people from working together from creating new ideas, it is holding the society back. In “I Am NOT Black. You are NOT White.” by Prince EA, he states “No matter the gender, culture or color. Proving that deep down, we were meant to connect and care for each other… labels only distort our vision” (On YouTube.com). This shows how meaningless these ‘labels’ are they are just creating more problems and holding people back from caring for one another, this distorts the people’s peace and bright futures, just waiting for them. Without ‘labels’, people grow and innovate together, without each other people would be growing slowly. Additionally, people might also might argue that diversity is unpleasant since it can provoke more problems like racism, distrust, discomfort, and disrespect. In “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter” by Katherine W. Philips, she states “Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent, and harder-working” (paragraph one). Problems like these can be easily fixed if people understand one another, once understanding others; people would be able to cooperate and work with one another. Just being around people of different culture, race, ethnicity, or gender can help improve people ways to thinking and innovation. Not only does it help, it also helps people around them; they will all have benefited from just people with others, they will understand them! While diversity has a few down-sides, there are many up-sides! Diversity helps people in many ways, it does not hurt them as much as it benefits
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