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In an engineering workplace, it is vital that there is a procedure for reporting and recording accidents and incidents. Employers have to include this procedure in an induction when new employees are starting at a company. A record must be kept by the employer for any accidents, incidents or emergencies. This is stated under the RIDDOR Regulations 1995. A report form is filled in at the time of these occurrences to ensure all required information is given to the Health and Safety Executive.
Accident – An unfortunate event that occurs unintentionally, unexpectedly or without apparent cause. This can result in injury or other damages.
Incident – An event or occurrence created as an outcome from a prior event.
When a thorough reporting
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However, the reports and investigative analysis can be used as a defence in a criminal court. The investigative analysis can also be used to carry out a compensation claim by someone who has faced an injury at work.
Demonstrate understanding of working safely in a fabrication environment.
Welding Equipment
MIG Welding – Burn Injury
A thermal hazard is produced when a worker is using machinery or general materials that can get hot or cold. This has an adverse effect on the worker’s body unless proper safety implementations are followed.
- Welding – the heat from welding is more than enough to severely burn the user. The effect of the burn would almost definitely be permanent.
- Casting – foundry workers can be exposed to excessive heat during the casting process.
- Freezers – in some instances, workers drive forklift trucks into freezers at a temperature of around -18°C.

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- Entanglement – long or flowing items such as hair or ties could be caught in rotating or moving machinery dragging the person towards it.
- Crushing – when two parts of machinery come together under force crushing a part of the worker’s body.
- Shearing – when two machinery components have a shearing operation action (such as a guillotine) which could sever a person’s body part (e.g. fingers/hands).
- Impact – when a machinery component such as a stamping machine impacts a worker’s body part (e.g. hand).
- Abrasion – when a worker’s body part (such as their hand) comes into contact with an abrasive object causing the skin to become rough or coarse.

Shaping Equipment
Grinding Wheel – Vibration Injury
Exposure to certain types of vibration through the use of heavy machinery can lead to damaged nerves. An example of a condition that could arise from this would be vibration white finger. This is caused by using high vibration machinery such as a needle

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