Why Is Dracula Considered A Villain

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“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights”(Stoker). Dracula is a book written in 1897 by Bram Stoker. The book is a story about Jonathan Harker's journey in the late 19th century to Transylvania in order to fix up some documentation for Dracula so he can own real estate England. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the vampire Count Dracula is wrongfully portrayed as a villain by Bram Stoker.
The first reason people call Dracula a villain is due to Dracula succumbing to his animal instincts in order to survive or he will become malnourished and cease to exist. An example of Dracula’s animal instincts kicking in would be when he leaves his home town and goes to England. Carrol L. Fry and
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When Dracula became a vampire, his body was transformed but his mind was not. This means that Dracula has to find out how to control his body, on account of this change, like a child learning how to walk, Dracula learns how to fly. When Dr. Seward goes through Dracula’s lair he finds out a little about Dracula’s life. Dr. Seward comments to his colleagues,“That big child-brain of his is working.”(Stoker 328). Dr. Seward says this for the reason that Dracula has been slowly testing the abilities that he has obtained when he became a vampire. Since Dracula is a scientist, he tests his powers which leads to getting backlash from other people. The Professor says,”This monster has been creeping into knowledge experimentally” (Stoker 328). The professor is saying that Dracula has been using ‘live’ test subjects to find out how strong the Count’s powers get till he reaches his peak and cannot control himself…show more content…
Lucy writes in her journal,”he is brute, no he is more than brute”(Stoker 255). Dracula being called a villain and monster for centuries would start to change him into one of these foul beasts. Dracula is one of the most powerful creatures in the book. So when he gets made fun of by a lesser person, he attacks. Sherri Gordon, an author of multiple books and former editor of Columbus Parent magazine says. “Name calling opens up the door to violence” (Gordon 6). This quote shows that calling people names almost always ends in violence, whether the violence is physical or mental is up to the people in the fight. When Dracula is talked about, another vampire also comes to mind.
After reading the book Dracula and the movie Twilight, Edward Cullen and Dracula are unquestionably similar. First of all, Edward is a vampire just like Dracula. Not only is Edward Cullen a vampire of whom consumes blood just like Dracula,”So you faint at the sight of blood?” (Twilight). this quote shows that vampires in Twilight need blood just as much as vampires in Dracula. Also both vampires are incredibly strong. In both stories vampires are looked down upon by normal society, in Twilight people refuse to believe in vampires while in Dracula people are shook when one says
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