Why Is Dystopian Literature So Popular

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Why Dystopian Literature is Popular Among Young Adults According to Lauren Destefano “Most Dystopian Literature and contemporan, paints a future world that puts a twist on present society.” The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Anthem by Ayn Rand are a few Novels based on a dystopian society that is appealing to young adults. Dystopian literature appeals to young adults in a variety of different forms, including the futuristic setting the characters are thrown into, how dystopian literature is relatable to teens, and how The Hunger Games and Anthem are similar. The futuristic setting that the characters are tossed into gives a sense of joy that appeals to young adults. For example, once Katniss reaches the Capital she realizes that the Capitals way of life is different than what she is used to. “ To live in a world where food appears at a press of a button” (Collins 527). At the…show more content…
For example, the council in Anthem consider themselves as “The council is the voice of all justice, for they are the voice of all men” (Rand 3).The Council and President Snow from the Hunger Games are both the rulers of their poorly civilized societies. In both societies, there are levels of superiority, for example in Anthem the Scholars and the Council receive more freedom than the street sweepers. In The Hunger Games, the District is cruel, hated, and unsanitary, whereas the people who live in the Capitol have a clean, nice place to sleep. Truly, most pieces of dystopian literature are relatable in many ways from the society to the characters themselves. Obviously, dystopian literature is appealing to young adults because of, the futuristic setting, how young adults can relate to it, and the similarities between The Hunger Games and Anthem. Dystopian literature is extremely popular among this era and will most likely remain popular for the future to
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