Why Is Education The Most Powerful Weapon

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” This was said by one of the most influential people in this world, Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa. Education is more than just learning about maths and science in school. It is a necessary investment everyone must make to make the world a better place. It is the key to solving many of the world’s problems such as inequality among people due to racism, sustaining the planet and even bringing peace and freedom. Education is a weapon. Every educated person possesses the power to make a difference. An example of someone who used his education to cause change would be Mahatma Gandhi, the man who gained independence for India. Gandhi studied law in the University College London in England. After completing his education, he returned to his homeland and spent his life fighting for the freedom of the nation through non-violent, peaceful methods. As a pacifist, he used his…show more content…
For example, schools in Singapore celebrate Racial Harmony Day on 21 July every year to reinforce bonds between people to different races. Schools also celebrate auspicious days of every race like Deepavali and Chinese New year. Furthermore, Students are taught about past racial riots in 1964 so that they will learn from mistakes made and will not repeat them. This shows that schools are making an effort to use education to promote equality among races to the younger generation. Hence, it can be concluded that education is indeed the most powerful tool to change the world. It is the ideal instrument to help make a difference and can be controlled accordingly. Although there may be some setbacks like being used for the wrong cause, education definitely has more benefits than drawbacks. While education is the main ingredient for making change, how long will said change last

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