Why Is Eleanor Roosevelt A Spokesperson?

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“I lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt said this after visiting Pearl Harbor victims. She is willing to go past what others expect and try to do which can show she is hardworking. Eleanor is a great human being who is such a big help to others. UNICEF needs a spokesperson because Alyssa Milano is stepping down and Eleanor Roosevelt would be a great choice. Some people might believe Nelson Mandela should be the spokesperson for UNICEF, but Eleanor is a great choice because she is hardworking, helps children, and stands for human rights. Eleanor Roosevelt is such a hardworking women who helps the lives of others. “Eleanor worked in the charity kitchens, ladling out soup. She visited slums. She crisscrossed the…show more content…
Eleanor Roosevelt fights for “equal pay for women in the industry / she fought against racial and religious prejudice / her example marked an important step in making the rights of blacks a matter of national priority.” (Jacobs 94). With this in mind, Eleanor wants everyone to be equal. She knows everyone had the power but she was strong enough and brave so she did it. UNICEF also stands for human rights therefore Roosevelt would be a great advocate for this position. Roosevelt would really show just how much UNICEF can make a difference in human rights. UNICEF educates people about human rights so they understand how to prevent people from doing what happened during Eleanor’s earlier years : “ DAR would not allow the great black singer Marian Anderson to perform in their auditorium in Washington D.C. she resigned from the organization.” (Jacobs 94). UNICEF tries to prevent things like that from happening now. Eleanor would be a great candidate because she helps to prevent things like this from happening as well. Eleanor Roosevelt stands for human rights, helps children, and is
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