Is Emperor Wu: A Good Or A Bad Emperor?

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There are many reasons contributing to the negative thoughts towards Emperor Wu, however one of the main reasons that really made people grew hate and consider her as a bad emperor was definitely the evil deed she did to her family members. In order to achieve her goals and obtain the power she desires, she decides to kill and murder. You can clearly see how many people she murdered from the book Mysteries about Chinese History, where it states “According to the historical book of China you are the closest to yourself. Emperor Wu Ze Tian, killed one of her daughter, two sons, four brothers, two sisters a niece.” This quote clearly tells us the cruelness of Emperor Wu. As it is really unbelievable for a person who desires power, can murder more…show more content…
After gaining authority, in a cruel way; Emperor Wu decided to misuse them. As an emperor back then or even a government in the modern days you will often get rejected for your plans and ideas, however instead of peacefully solving the misunderstanding and the hatred between the people and herself; Emperor Wu decides to kill them. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Emperor Wu used her authority gained, to kill many of the elder statesmen including Tai Zong emperor’s uncle whom had influenced greatly to the country, however objected some of Emperor Wu’s ideas and ways of ruling the country. Without an open-minded heart, people starts to doubt Emperor Wu’s ability as an emperor; this is because without an open-mined heart how would she know the mistakes she did? How could she possibly improve the country? How could she improve as an emperor? Therefore without her open-minded heart, many people throughout the history considers her as a bad emperor; as she would not accept other people’s objection to her ideas. Which then leads to no improvement to herself as a human being and to the country…show more content…
After Wu became the emperor, she changed the laws for the economy in China, and compiled a book named “兆人本業記”, in order to improve certain industries in China such as: famers. After the book was compiled, and the laws were changed, the lifestyle of the citizens in China got better, the society was peaceful. Many industries such as the agricultural industry, the handwork industry and the trading industry had a big improvement since the beginning of Tang dynasty, the number of bank accounts grew more and more from around four million in the year 652, to six million in the year 705. From this you can clearly see Emperor Wu’s contribution to China’s economy, the amount of bank accounts and the environment that the citizens living in China grew and improved rapidly. Which then also improves the later generations and the later citizens of
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