Ethical Necessity Or Imperative Essay

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The Ethical Necessity/Imperative Companies yield to social pressures for change and ethical duties by giving token concessions to its stakeholders under the name of “social responsibility” or by the owners doing philanthropic activities. These concessions are but partial, if not artificial, commitment to ethical responsibility, and only a fraction of companies do these. There remains a lack of genuine initiative to “ethicize” business institutions. But why is there a need for a greater, real ethical responsibility? Position: Companies and business people should be ethical Point 1: Being ethical in business strengthens the systems and relationships that support and sustain it Individuals, through corporations, have the right to amass wealth, but morality dictates that they do so ethically. Frist, principles of justice argue that unethical business practices, although may be legal, are unfair…show more content…
(Daft, 157). One interesting study reveals that companies that have more CSR commitments score higher in the stock market than those with little to none CSR projects (157). Also, research shows that customers and employees care about ethics (Velasquez, 4).” Velasquez believes that “ethical behavior is the best long-term business strategy for a company” (Ethics, 4) mainly because “it creates the kind of goodwill and reputation that expand a company’s opportunities for profit (6).” Higher ethical commitments from businesses will likely lead to enhance image and reputation, which can lead to greater satisfaction from stakeholders, and eventually will translate to financial benefits. In the long run, commitment to ethical management will pay off the costs of not having to resort to unethical practices, which are traditionally used by managers to increase company
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