The Importance Of Ethical Leaders

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In the beginning of this text I argued that ethics is very important for any leaders. Different people have different ways to think and different perspectives. Then, when they become leaders, they try their best to be a good leader. Some leaders last for long and idol by the people in their workplaces. And some are failed for many reasons. And I do believe that when the word ethic is inside of any leaders’ heart, he or she can become model leader which we can call ethical leaders. They are the people who are sensitive to the interest of all followers without fear or favor. These people are more humbled, concerned about positive, never see for one side. They take responsibility and show respect for each individual. And also, they always think…show more content…
According to Professor Marianne Jennings, there are seven signs that show a company is in danger. And I strongly I agreed with the idea of identifying these signs can help leaders to recognize whether their organizations is in deep ethical trouble. The first sign is “pressure to maintain numbers”, as long as the organizations can meet their goals, there will not be any pressure and keep running well for their another goals. But when they do not meet the goals like financial projections, there can be sequences of lying. One example is in the charities organizations; they might make false statements and make up stories to achieve their fund-raising goals. And the second sign is “fear and silence”, employees may not share about their concerns, they will be silent and keep what they know about organizations or others. For one reasons, they do fear that they will be either terminated or fired the jobs, if they do share. So, the organizations might lose to get information or ideas from their colleagues. Immediately, what the leaders can solve for this problem is they can motivate employees to speak up and provide the ideas for them to do so. And also they can reward who speak up and point out ethical ideas and so…show more content…
These are very common tools in the business organizations. People do believe that these formal ethics statement is just as controversial as they are popular. They think that codes are very vague, codes may not be read and finally it’s become the final word on the ethics subject. But in reality workplaces, codes stand for describing an organization’s ethical stance for anyone and also outside of the organizations. And it also helps and guide newcomers to know what the organization’s standard and what type of ethical climates they are using. And the last statement of climate-building tool is “ethical learning” which also can be called total ethical management. Basically it means that improving products and services. In this area, leaders have to be thinking or how to improve the products at the same time to form ethical environment for anyone who are related to their

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