Why Is Euthanasia Ethically Wrong?

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Doctors enter medicine out of desire to save lives, not end them. Euthanasia goes against the natural course of life. Physician assisted suicide is when the physician gives the lethal means to the patient for him or her to take whenever they desire to end their lives and commit suicide. Euthanasia is when the doctors take the active role in killing the patient, which often involves injecting the patient with lethal ____________________________________ ___________________________________ substances. Although these two concepts are slightly different on the procedural side, they both have the same morals, that involve killing a human being who could have lived a rather happy life with the proper treatment. Thus why the Doctors and Physicians involved in these processes are deeply affected physiologically.…show more content…
Not allowing euthanasia violates the Constitution by not giving the rights of liberty and autonomy that are supposed to be guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedom. Although, when terminally ill patients decide they want euthanasia, they might not necessarily be in their right minds. Usually terminally ill patients are loaded up on drugs, medicine and chemicals that can alter their state of mind and their decision making, who makes the decision to kill them then? 59% of patients wanting to end their lives were clinically depressed. If there's any other way to keep living, you should not be able to simply decide to end your life, pain is actually controlled and managed 80-90% of the
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