Why Is Euthanasia Morally Wrong

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Black market drugs are not the only drugs to worry about, drugs used in euthanasia and assisted suicide are just as dangerous (to society). Euthanasia is the act of a medical professional terminating someone’s life. Assisted suicide is when someone provides the patient with the means for death. For example, a doctor placing a lethal dose of a drug on a bedside table and the patient ingesting it them self is assisted suicide since the patient performs the final act. If a physician were to inject the patient with a lethal drug, then it would be euthanasia since the physician is performing the final act (Marker and Hamlon). Many people support the option of euthanasia and assisted suicide for patients nearing the end of their lives. Equally,…show more content…
Although, euthanasia and assisted suicide let people who are in pain end their suffering, euthanasia is not morally right and should not be allowed because it causes the death of innocent people without request through non-voluntary euthanasia, leads to the mistreatment of patients, and weakens palliative…show more content…
That is very true, but the current laws that oppose euthanasia are for the protection of patients from abuse by dishonest actions and methods of physicians who will be ending their life, not to cause needless pain and suffering (Marker and Hamlon). Although there is little evidence on assisted suicide and euthanasia that is collected from real patients, the studies that collect data from current patients, and not hypothetical questioning, show different results than what is most broadcasted by supporters. These studies reveal that those who choose a premature death do so because of the fear instilled in them by the idea of physical deterioration and lose of community with the rest of society (Nolan n. pag.). It may seem that physical deterioration is the same as pain, but in this case, it is not. This type of physical deterioration is with the loss of community, which many believe to result in the loss of self, autonomy, and independence (Nolan n. pag.). The loss of self and autonomy is surely different than the common reason of the infliction of pain causing patients to commit to euthanasia or assisted suicide (Nolan n. pag.). Also, people reported that they would not want euthanasia as the means of them ending their life, except under the circumstance of their perceived
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