Why Is Failure A Better Teacher Than Success

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“I learned that good judgement comes from experience and that experience grows out of mistakes.” General Omar N. Bradley

This quote from General Bradley is a very powerful one; it speaks to human nature, it speaks to internal personal development, and how mistakes and failures are not only common, but also beneficial if they help you learn. These teaching moments in life are essential to help us become a fully resilient individual. One must accept that not everything we try is going to go right the first time. If we go through life having things handed out, or too easy to obtain or accomplish, successes would ring hollow and striving for greatness would have much less significance to us. I believe that you can learn twice as much from a failure, as you can from a success; twice as much from a loss as you can from a win. I use the term mistake and failure interchangeably, as I feel they speak to the same challenges to deal with, and the need to drive through remains the same regardless. I agree with his quote because; failures are a better teacher than successes, experience gained through trials help increase ones judgement, and not being afraid to fail is an earmark of a strong leader. Failures are a much better teacher than successes. There is a famous story about how Michael Jordan, playing for his high school basketball team was cut for not being good enough. He used this failure to motivate him and fuel his drive to work that much harder. Michael Jordan would go on
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