Is Family Important To Everyone

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Everyone is familiar with the word “family”. But does everyone really understands the meaning? People seem to have a lot of ways of defining a family, but what everyone knows in layman's terms is that without having a family, no one is complete. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a family is “any group of people closely related by blood”. Although the definition follows the infamous proverb of, “blood is thicker than water”, but not everyone agrees with that. Family should not be defined or restricted by blood relations. A family is simply a group of people, who will support and love you unconditionally, and endlessly. Is family important to everyone? It is certainly a yes. Family is a long lasting relationship which holds a bond
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Whenever one feels either happy or sad, the first person one will turn to definitely is his or her family members. It is because everyone is used to it since young. During childhood, whenever one met any problems or had any funny jokes to share, one will look for their parents to share their sadness or happiness. Another reason why one would like to celebrate any important things with family is because they trust them. Family always shows their support in everything. They will take care of one when one is sick. Under the care of family, one will always feel better and recover faster. It is not because of how efficient the medicine is, it is owing to the love and care given by family. Evidence from several studies shows the importance of family involvement in health care. (Dorell et al., 2016). It is proven that family plays a significant role in health care. Everyone always feels more comfortable being taken care by family rather than doctors or nurses. In addition, family will never leave anyone alone. It is doubtful to say that family will stay beside and give encouragement during tough times. No matter one is ugly or beautiful, short or tall, fat or skinny, family will never abandon anyone. For example, when a child is bullied by his friends in school, he will look for his parents because they are the ones who he trusts, and obviously, his parents will spend time to sit down and listen to him. Thus, there is nothing better than having a family that one can rely on, because they will never leave anyone alone no matter what and
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