The Importance Of Family

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Family has always been important to me. Friends are the family I chose. Education is the foundation to living a successful life. There are many social aspects to life and three of the most important to me are family, friends, and education. Family is something that everyone needs but does not have. They have made me feel safe, given me people that are dependable and that I can count on. They are the people who I share my burdens with, but they also respect me and allow me to have responsibilities. They have helped me to thrive and because of this I am on my way to becoming an independent woman. Family is of utmost importance to me because it offers love, support and demonstrates morals. There are teachable moments for each one of us from the youngest to the oldest. We go out of our way to do things for one…show more content…
Education should be important to everyone, including myself. It has allowed myself, a student of a little to no income family, an equal opportunity to go to college. Obtaining my scholarship helped demonstrate my level of understanding, competency, and artistic vision. College expenses and the costs of living are very expensive and tend to steadily rise, but with education this can be combatted. There is a plethora of scholarships that greatly reward education. Being awarded the Alcorn Achieve scholarship has tremendously help cut down the cost of going to college, while saving my family some money for my other siblings to advance their education. I love being able to further my education so that one day I’ll be able to use my talents to avoid poverty. It is the key to a locked door, just waiting to be discovered. One day, I want to reflect on my younger years and know that I am responsible for something that was done to give me a great start in life. I want to be able to make my family proud of me as well as myself. Education has resulted in me wanting to improve my skill level, while evoking a sense of pride and confidence that I sometimes
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