Why Is Feminism Wrong

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Feminism and Why it is Wrong
Feminism began to take shape in the early 1800s and has progressed and gotten stronger as a movement ever since. The definition of feminism is: the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. In fact, though, men and women are not equal; we were born to be different, not the same. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we should not be equal in everything. Women in the feminist movement act as though they are victims and not accountable for their actions, but they are and need to take responsibility. Can they propose that others are not treating them equally if in fact they are doing the same. In turn, the feminist movement should be dismantled because they will never achieve
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They would do all the work in the home and care for children. They had no rights without a husband. Then as the nineteenth and twentieth century hit and women had decided to finally take a stand. People were growing and changing and so were the laws. In 1920 amendment 19 was passed giving women the same rights as men to vote. It took time, but women have gotten equal rights in the eyes of the law. If an innocent woman and man is up for trial the verdict will not be based off of gender. Women should be treated differently than men because we are different. Men have a higher car insurance bill, is this fair? Everywhere we go people will make decisions based off of statistics, generalizations and costs of things. Should anyone person be allowed to be treated differently because of their gender? Does anyone want to be treated differently because of their gender? Do you treat anyone differently because of their gender or expect to be treated differently? So are you a feminist?(Staff writers: auto insurance…show more content…
The statement, on how women should be able to wear whatever and do whatever they want and it is the man’s fault and not the females if he says something about it or looks at her, is wrong. We all want and desires, it is the natural instinct of a human. If a male were to sit shirtless is a class it is only the female’s fault that she looks or it it's the man’s fault as well for provoking her to look. In a country like ours, with so many freedoms, we often take advantage of them and do not realize that when we use our freedom of speech we are taking away others freedoms. Is that the point the feminists want to get to. We will live in a country where all will be equal; no freedoms will be granted because with freedoms comes unequal ways in which people are treated. So if they gained their rights years ago why are they still fighting for rights? The right to be treated equal? We cannot control what people say or how they treat you. If a woman is raped is it her fault or the men. If a man rapes is it his or hers. These are the questions we should be asking before running through the middle of the battlefield unarmed. The 21st is one of the most exasperating periods of time. Posting on social media and talking out in public can get you killed just because someone was offended by a comment you made. Why do we all care to sit
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