Food Should Be Allowed In Class Essay

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Food isn 't allowed in class because it can make a mess and some people don 't know how to clean up after themselves. Food is a distraction, it can cause talking with others to ask for it too and cause the class a big distraction from doing their work. If you’ve ever tried to concentrate or watch a movie while someone sitting close to you was gnawing on a crunchy snack, you know how distracting food can be. This is another reason schools tend to outlaw classroom eating. The smells of certain foods may bother some students, or amplify hunger pangs in other, snack-less students. Moreover, eating in class can create messes and disrupt the learning process. Food can cause mess Spills and crumbs . Spills that don
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so he gave us a punishment and affected the whole class because people who didn 't even have anything to do with throwing grapes have to write this one page letter which isn 't fair to others who didn 't even do anything. Someone should have admitted it and got the punishment they deserved because they involved kids who didn 't even do it. So lesson learned to not eat food in class if the teacher doesn 't want you too because if he finds a mess on the floor like mr davis he will tell you to pick it up or someone claim to it or get a punishment. This issue needs to get solved right away because kids get affected which causes them to get angry and try to find whoever did it. Kids also can get into a food throwing fight and cause the teacher to get very angry with them and send them out. Food should be banned in classroom because it causes other people to eat in class and cause distraction from working on their work. Eating food in class makes it think that everyone is ok to eat food in class when it is not allowed by the teacher. Some teachers allow it but those who don 't allow it are very strict about it because it 's their classroom and they may have stuff out like computers that can be damaged in the process of eating or drinking
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