Why Is Football Better Than Football

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For many years there has been an age old argument that has separated families, ended friendships, and ruined relationships; the decision whether football or rugby is the better sport. For many years people have been bickering over this age old question, and it is still quite alive to this day. I myself prefer to watch football, but I am usually open to watching something new every once in a while. Yet this isn’t about my opinion, so for you to decide which sport you fancy we have to look at their similarities and differences. The first object we will inspect is the playing field on which both sports are played on. A football field’s dimensions are roughly 120 yards by 160 feet. White lines are painted on the field transversely and are…show more content…
In football the quarterback is given the ball from one of his offensive lineman and then either hands the ball to a running back or throws it forward to a wide receiver. The ball carrier then runs downfield toward the end zone until he has either been tackled by a defender or has scored. In the event that the carrier has been tackled the ball is place in the spot where he fell and time is stopped until both teams are ready to resume play. Rugby however is played with continuous time that is not stopped unless a penalty has been called. A single player carries the ball downfield until he has been tackled by an opponent. When the carrier is tackled he can only lateral the ball backwards to a team mate who can continue carrying the ball for the try. In the rare case that the carrier can’t give the ball to a team mate he can kick the ball down field which usually ends in the opposing team recovering the ball. When a player tackles a ball carrier he must bring the carrier completely to the ground otherwise the ball carrier can get back up and keep running. This makes rugby a game where skill is used more often than brute force like you see in football, where players are able to run full force into the carrier and knock him over without holding onto

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