Why Is Football Important To Me

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I smell the fresh cut grass and the fresh white paint. I see the big bright lights shining down on me. I hear the purple and gold fans going crazy. I stand with my brothers to my left and to my right. Football has always been more than a game, it’s been my whole life. From when I was first handed a pigskin when I was born, until the last play of my senior season, it has meant everything to me. Many people don’t understand how big of an impact football puts on young kids, whether it 's Pee-Wee trying to learn the game or Varsity trying to win games and get scouted. From beginning to end there are so many life long bonds created and so many lessons learned.
Starting out in Pee-Wee it is very difficult for a young kid like me to learn all the plays and responsibilities he is entrusted to fulfill as I was the Quarterback. It was very difficult at first knowing that everyone
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The true beauty of football is the lifelong brotherhood you make and all the life lessons I have learned. The parallels between life and football are unimaginably ridiculous. I have become an exceptional leader through all the years being Quarterback and being a captain. Taking my leadership and using it in many aspects such as Freshman Focus and Peer Leading, when I pass down lessons to freshman and to fifth graders, as well as National Honor Society, where I volunteer in the community. Also, from all of the physical and mental strain I put myself through I came out a better man by learning to preserve and never give up. Like the time I was in an ER room all night with a separated shoulder and still managed to finish all my homework and study for a test. I also have been taught how to make the most out of a bad situation. Day in and day out with everyone taught me how to work well with others and time manage extremely well. This has helped me to work well with others in group projects and to find the best way to solve
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