Why Is Football Too Dangerous Essay

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There are so many things that can be done that can keep children safe no matter what sport they play. People should honestly change their thinking on football and that it’s too dangerous for our children to be playing because honestly it isn’t. In the years that I’ve been playing not one person has gotten severely injured. Football is not as dangerous as people think. There are many things that can help keep players safe, such as padding,technique, and football smarts. There are certain things every player needs in order to play the game. Padded pants,cleats,shoulder pads,helmet,mouth guard, cup and there are also optional things such as neck pad and gloves. While these thing will keep players safe while playing the game there are also other things can help during a game and even practice. Each team will have a trainor. If there are any…show more content…
The ACL is a ligament that no one can live without. This liniment allows for people to be able to move and walk. This kind of injury can impact someone that wants to play at any level tremendously. Years ago there wasn’t anything that could really be done to help someone recover and their are ways now.. In basketball a player that a lot of people know named Kevin Ware suffered what some people say is the gruesomest sports injury on live television. During a basketball game between Duke and Louisville Ware went to block a shot. In the process of blocking the shot Ware 's leg slid out from underneath him and he broke his bone. The only difference about this is that the bone went through the skin and was visible to all. This impacted the game so much that players couldn 't continue playing the game, the game itself was stopped. This injury was a severe injury that he was out for a year and then some. This demonstrates that there is a risk in all sports and football shouldn’t be singled
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