Why Is Football Too Dangerous

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Football is too dangerous for high school. One of the reasons is that teens are still developing. Paige Osborne says that a lot of parents start their kids too early. They sometimes at four to six years of age. Since their bodies are not fully developed they are prone to get a bad injury or disease that can lead to a defect or even death. These young kids just have to much of a risk to get a concussion or other serious injuries says Amir Khan. Like in Journey Bailey's story he was a normal seventeen year old high schooler until one of his football games. He said he felt woozy minutes later he was throwing up in the locker room. Journey woke up in the hospital tubes flowing everywhere so much he can hardly breathe. Journey sent a letter to all of his friends that were playing football in college. It stated what he went through so that they did not have to go through what he did.
Another good reason that football is too dangerous is the many injuries that are possible. High school Football has very high concussion rates. According to Headcase.com concussion rates are at 64 to 76 percent that has doubled in the last 10 years. Most kids suffer from sprains, muscle tears, and concussions some mild to severe sometimes fatal. Some injuries can change the kid’s life forever like Journey Bailey. He was a completely normal kid in high school but
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John O’Sullivan the author of changing the game says kids are crying after the big impact but are sent back out to play again. Some young kids don’t get to play in most games because they are not good enough and they might ruin the game. Cracked.com says coaches have been caught cheating players tests so they can play in the big game when they are supposed to be studying. Schools also spend way too much money on new equipment and not on trainers. Less than 40% of schools have athletic trainers in the
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