Why Is Fracking Wrong

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Fracking: A Crime against Humanity As a law abiding citizen, I cannot conceive or be an advocate of fracking, without questioning its impact on Earth’s layers; and its role in the increment of frequency of earthquakes, contamination of water, and the related human health hazards. While fracking is helping the U.S. to extract shale gas, which is basically trapped between fine sedimentary rocks, the liabilities are overwhelming. In the field of fossil fuel, these rocks are well-known as stale and its exploitation is supporting American’s population, in obtaining the most needed fossil fuel. Deplorably, the risks seem unbeatable. Furthermore, by examining the contents of Fracking: America’s Alternative Energy Revolution by John Graves, at the…show more content…
Fracking is a drilling technique that used a hydraulic fracturing technique to extract crude oil (Graves et al. 37). According to the U.S. 2010 Energy Information Administration (EIA) the risks are worth it, because there are about 482 trillion cubic feet of shale gas available. Therefore, as described by the Theories of Environmental Sociology’s chapter, first world countries might be making decisions, based on the Risk Society Theory. Their citizens latch to this dangerous technique, considering that they need affordable energy and an underpaid job position, which these companies offer to third world countries. Of course, this practice is a clear example of environmental racism. Moreover, on page 46, Gould and Lewis indicate that modern societies such as the U.S conscientiously take risks; and most of the time governments know the hazards and implications. However, American citizens should be making their personal decisions based on the Ecological Modernization Theory, which implies that capitalism is flexible and, that we can continue enjoying the newest technological commodities and at the same time be eco-friendly. In addition the market should our best support, not the government, according to this theory. Moreover, some governments, including our actual president support fracking, consider that through this process, it can be extracted natural gas and…show more content…
Moreover, we must vote to stop corporate welfare for fossil fuel companies; and request that our government effectively support renewable energy. In addition, the economic relief should go directly to the poor and middle class citizens, in a form of vouchers that allow more Americans to buy solar or wind systems. A more reliable solution should be that California’s government provide a solar or wind system per house and give us the opportunity to pay it, in low monthly installments. Perhaps a 2% interest will help us and generate profits for the state, at the same time. Our government must stop making the rich richer and poor poorer. By becoming involved we could deter water poisoning, reduce the greenhouse effect, and live in a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly

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