Why Is Francisco Pzarro Important

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Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish explorer who conquered many places and gained land for Spain. He went on numerous explorations where he founded Peru and its city state. Pizarro was an explorer who was historically important because he was on two explorations that were not led by him, although he was a participant in discovering the Pacific Ocean and the city of San Sebastian, he joined the expedition of Nunez de Balboa where they discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513, and he founded Peru and took over the Incan people Peru and took their leader hostage. These reasons show that Pizarro was historically important, even if citizens of Spain and the Incan citizens thought he was greedy and rude, he still showed importance from his discoveries.
Francisco Pizarro was on two explorations as a participant in the discovery of the Pacific Ocean and founding the city of San Sebastian, also known as “Holy Savior”. Pizarro affected the Pacific Ocean so that many other explorers would use this ocean for routes on their ships. The Pacific Ocean was used in his later exploration of Peru, which would not have happened without that ocean. This was the first voyage that made Pizarro interested into going on his very own
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Pizarro went just South of Panama, and found some gold, but needed more funding than he had to go further, because they ran out of food and other supplies. This made Pizarro want to go on another exploration and get more money so he could get more than he did. Going with his friend made it easier to pay for and it helped having someone who has knowledge on exploring too. When Almagro and Pizarro founded Peru from their exploration, Lima is founded in 1533 as the capital of Peru. These explorations were the highlight of Pizarro’s career, and this was how the people of Spain really learned his
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