Why Is Frank Lloyd Wright Organic Architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and educator. He is considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, architects of all time and the pioneer of modern architecture. Born in Wisconsin in 1867, Wright’s career spanned from 1885 until 1959. During this time, he created an identity for American architecture, while rejecting borrowed designs such as Neoclassical and Victorian styles. He instead gave America its own identity in architecture, an identity that was unique, simple and suited for the needs of the American culture. This was called “Organic Architecture”. His definition of organic architecture is architecture that is less about style, and more about how well designed it is in terms of the purpose it’s meant to serve. This is what gave his buildings value and each of his buildings its own identity.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s early career began in Chicago, where he moved to start looking for work in the architectural field. Due to The Great Chicago fire in 1871 that destroyed a big part of the city, demand for houses boomed, resulting in a significant rise in the need for architectural work. He first began working for Lyman Silsbee, and shortly after that he then met the “father of skyscrapers”, architect Louis Sullivan. Sullivan was a leading American architect and considered to be the founder of modernism. Along with famous architects Henri Richardson and Dankmar Adler, he was a member of The Chicago School, which was a group of architects
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