Why Is Frankenstein Unethical

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Frankenstein and Ethics Romantics of the nineteenth century believed that when one strays from morality and scientific method the effects are damaging. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein exemplified this belief of science that becomes detrimental when ethical boundaries are crossed. Victor is consumed by guilt as his creation wreaks havoc upon his life and loves. Shelley’s gothic story can be perceived as more than a horrifying tale; it is a direct insight into the consequences of science without any morals. After the liberation of concentration camps during War World II, people saw documentation of the evils inside the fences. Not only were people being starved and mass murdered, doctors were doing unethical experiments on the prisoners. With no…show more content…
They will never be the same but they will live on and the way they lived and learned through the pain will define their actions and mentality. This science can be harmful because the subjects’ personality will forever be changed because of the emotional strain. The science in the experiment relies on emotional and mental strain. The effects the experiment had on the subjects changed everyone involved. The science in Frankenstein was both physical and mental. This is because the Frankenstein created a monster that sits above humanity itself in everything. This crushed Frankenstein’s pride in both science and humanity in which this created fear and jealousy. Also because of his creation many people close to him were murdered by the monster. Both Victor and the doctor were pretty similar because they both had traits of pride, a thirst for knowledge, and they both were hurt by their own experiment even though they were playing god. Together they both attempted to change how nature works. Frankenstein created life through unnatural ways and the end result for both these “gods” was pain and regret. Furthermore both their lives ended in “death”. Frankenstein’s life ended in death and the professor’s career ended in death also because now he is known as someone who did terrible things to people because of science. Additionally the difference between them are that the professor had a “hero” to stop the experiment and Frankenstein did not. Another difference would be that
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