Why Is Frankenstein Wrong

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Are monsters really that bad? Or is it ultimately their creators in the wrong? Victor Frankenstein, son of Alphonse Frankenstein, recently came out with the fact that he had created a monster, brought back from the dead. The question is though, was Dr. Frankenstein or his creation responsible for what the monster had done. All signs however, point to Victor being fully and completely responsible for the monster’s actions. Why? You ask, why in the world would Victor be responsible for a monster’s actions. Well I’ll tell you. First off the monster whether you want to admit it or not was much like a child. And of course every mother knows a child just can not grow up without guidance. Frankenstein made this monster, was frightened by him, and left him in the world to discover everything for himself. Victor Frankenstein’s creation was not shown right or wrong, he wasn’t told what was good and what was bad. Victor let a child, an awfully big one, into the world without ever being taught what was acceptable in society. You can’t just throw a child into a situation…show more content…
Yes, he did commit the act, he understood it was murder and that he was doing it at his own free will. However, Victor’s still to blame. Every “child” needs a parent’s guidance, they need to be taught what is wrong. If they're never taught how can they ever really completely understand? And on top of that it was out of revenge towards Victor because Victor left his creation all alone in the world. He left him to discover the evils of man without a warm comforting hand to help him understand. He was only shown brutality and when he asked for one simple favor, to have someone just like him so he didn't have to be alone in the world, Victor denied him of that. Anyone would be enraged at that point if their parent gave them nothing their whole life, then just when they were about to give them one good thing take it
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