Why Is Friar Lawrence Important In Romeo And Juliet

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Have you ever wondered how people in the past would react to present time or what job they would have? If all the characters from Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare found a time machine and came to the present, most of them would easily fit in. Even though this seems strange, they could all manage a job from present time. Friar Lawrence for example could easily be a mental health counselor and marriage and family therapist. It would be a bizarre switch, from a holy man to a marriage counselor, but he has all of the best qualities for the job. Anyone in this occupation needs to have good listening skills, be very organized, and be able to show anyone compassion in a stressful situation. All the traits listed are all of the traits…show more content…
When the young couple came to him with their problems he was able to organize plans very quickly to help Romeo and Juliet be together. When Friar finds out that Juliet has been ordered to marry Paris he quickly comes up with a plan for her to fake her death. If Juliet fakes her death than she won’t have to marry Paris. Friar Lawrence informed Juliet on his plan by telling her to “… lie alone/ Let not the Nurse lie with thee in thy chamber … And this distilling liquor drink thou of;” (Romeo and Juliet 4.1. 93-95). Just in this quote you can tell that he came up with that plan on the spot. This plan is very organized. It may not have worked out but that was more of the other character’s faults. This skill is very helpful for counselors of any kind. If you’re a marriage counselor and the couple is having issues than you can come up with an organized plan to help try and solve their issues. If you are organized, then it will also be much easier to keep track of the payments and work with insurance companies. Since Friar Lawrence was able to organize a plan quickly, that shows that he is very organized and would be able to keep track of the important things and organize plans for the couple to help their
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