Why Is Galileo Interested In Astronomy

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Register to read the introduction…Galileo was aiming to be a priest or a doctor at a young age, but then became fascinated in mathematics. Galileo’s passion for maths was accidently found when he walked into a maths lecture at college. However because of Galileo’s love for math and science, many new discoveries have been made which wouldn’t have been possible without Galileo. ACHIEVEMENTS…show more content…
Galileo Galilei was born on the 15th of February 1564 and died January 8th 1642. Galileo’s life was a very interesting one, with many achievements along the way. While Galileo was at university he discovered he loved maths and wanted that to be his career, unfortunately his family was short on money, which had forced Galileo to leave university without a degree. Galileo’s main achievement was convincing millions of people to the Copernican belief (sun was centre of the solar system) as to the Aristotelean belief (earth centre of solar system). At the time (1600 hundredths) the main astronomical theory was developed by Aristotle, and he believed that the Earth was the centre of the solar system, and that different objects with larger mass would fall at different rates. Galileo didn’t believe this, and as a result started to prove Aristotle’s theories wrong, and Copernicus’ right. DIFFICULTIES AND
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