Why Is General Zaroff Justified

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Rainsford, Montresor, Walter Palmer, and the Sniper all killed. Rainsford was the most justified in killing his enemy. My reasons are self defense General Zaroff was a murderer, and sailors would get trapped. My first reason is Gen. Zaroff tried to kill Rainsford On page (29) “Tonight,” said the general, “we will hunt You and I” Implying the Gen. Zaroff is going to kill Rainsford, so Rainsford killed Zaroff in self defense. My second reason is that Zaroff killed people. On page (25-26) Gen. Zaroff described his perfect animal humans. That was one of the main reasons that Rainsford killed Gen. Zaroff. My last reason is that no more sailors would be lured to the thought of safety by a lighthouse which is described on page (26-27) of how sailors
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