Why Is General Zaroff Unethical

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The Most Dangerous Game Throughout the globe, people cherish hunting. It can be challenging, but still a great way of entertainment. Morally, hunting animals is okay or adequate, because it stays within reason. However, in “The Most Dangerous Game”, General Zaroff is convinced that killing humans for sport is acceptable. That idea is very absurd, for many different reasons. This includes the fact that it is barbaric, bluntly it is cold murder, and frankly there is no reason for it. To start, killing humans for fun is simply barbaric. Who has the right to take away another person’s life? Nobody should have that power, or capability, to remove someone from this earth. Everyone was given a life to live. The purpose of someone’s life might be hard to understand, but believe it or not, everyone does have a purpose. Zaroff could have been killing a future president, or someone of great importance to the world. If he killed someone that necessary, then he would have stopped them from fulfilling their purpose in life, and that is awful. Advancing with this topic, not only was Zaroff…show more content…
He only resorted to hunting humans because he was bored with the regular styles of hunting. There was no more thrill in hunting for him, so he tried to find a new challenge for himself. Advancing with this topic, Zaroff could have done a variety of different things to replace hunting to give himself that thrill. For example, he could challenge himself with different styles or methods of hunting. Instead his sport of murdering humans he could also try new weapons to hunt animals with, or maybe even invent new weapons used for hunting. Or he could even pick up a new hobby. The ideas for what General Zaroff could to to occupy his time are endless! So in the end, General Zaroff had no excuse or reason to hunt humans, and he could have done a plethora of different things to cure his
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