Why Is Genocide Wrong

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Genocide. Is it a reason for war? Is it a means for expressing feelings? Is it morally correct to exterminate an entire race for the fear of society itself being tampered with?
Well some might argue that yes, yes it is fine to murder. Kill thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of innocent hardworking people trying to make a living by doing their part in an ever changing society. I ask you this, do you find the foreigners of today to be invaders and savage people who would steal from you? Maybe, just maybe you were taught that the people who take jobs from you could be the next enemies of the “American people”. Isn’t the “American” way, “Freedom to all”. This sentence is proved wrong by the same people who proclaimed it. Americans.
Are we the ones to blame? Our human nature conflicts with our emotions, it is the same emotion that drives up to become a better person. Competitiveness. It is both our greatest motivation and worst fear, the fear is what ignites the fire within us. At the same time can ruin humanity, from the inside out literally. If we take the time to actually realise that we have to accept that we are gonna have competition in our lives, and it will never cease to exist because this is
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Society today has this preconceived notion that foreigners are the enemy, but really today in our generation we are the true threat. We are the people and government that are the most advanced in technology, we are the bystanders in all of this. We could be making a difference but we are too scared to make any difference, we should stand up for what we believe in we should be the true heros making a difference. Taking them in might lead us into a new war but we have the intelligence to stop it before it happens.
In conclusion, my claim is genocide is the worst possible action that we might be able to take. We should be smart enough to know that killing is wrong, we are going to have our differences, and that is okay but murdering thousands of innocent
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