Why Is George Washington A Good President

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There were many great American figures of past and present day. However, the greatest American president in history is George Washington because of the following reasons: he served as a loyal soldier, as the first president, and as a wise political leader and pioneer after American Independence. Around mid-18th century, the thirteen colonies of North America declared independence from the oppressive monarch and his Parliament. They had decided to declare independence from Britain after the Age of Enlightenment, which was an age where people lived out their lives with reasoning and scientific evidence and doubted the idea of theocracy. Inevitably, the war against Britain followed, commonly known as the American Revolutionary War, and George Washington loyally served, first as a soldier, the Continental Army as its leader. He led fierce battles against the British forces, and his efforts contributed greatly to America’s successful independence. One example of this would be Washington’s victory at Trenton at Christmas. Although Trenton was taken back by Britain,…show more content…
He was elected unanimously by the Electoral College twice, and he served eight years as a president. One of his most respected actions as a president was him setting the “two-term” precedent for the future presidents. This meant that presidents did not serve more than two-terms. Also, he established the cabinet system in that was effective and is used until today. For example, Washington set the example for the executive branch to have advisors, such as the Secretary of War, State and Treasury. Another example of astute actions and thoughts that are still studied and read today is Washington’s Farewell Address, which addresses his thoughts and advice on staying politically neutral. This advice was later followed by President Wilson at the beginning of World War
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