Why Is Germany Better Than Romans

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Germans are Better than Romans
In ninety-eight CE, Roman Senator and Orator, Tacitus writes a well thorough and detailed report of the Germans. Tacitus writes this report, Germania, in order to compare the everyday lives between the Romans and the Germans. Tacitus made it very cleared that the Germans were simply more advanced and essentially better off than the Romans at the time. In this paper, I will be demonstrating these three important beliefs that proves that Germany was better than Rome: The Germans had a far more superior and unique military tactics, they enforced stricter marriage laws, and how the Germans treated their slaves differently than the Romans. These three beliefs are the most important and vital information in this
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All other household functions are discharged by wife and children” (26). The slaves had it easy as long as they did what they were supposed to be doing. These slaves were provided with shelter, and the only goal that they had to accomplish was to fulfill their master’s desires. On the other end, if you were a slave on the master’s bad side, then they more than likely did not have it easy. Tacitus states, “To strike a slave or to punish him bonds or hard labour is a rare occurrence. They often kill them, not in enforcing strict discipline, but on the impulse of passion, as they would an enemy, only it is done with impunity” (26). Unfortunately, if the slave acted up or was doing something they were not supposed to do, then it usually resulted in death for that slave. The slaves knew that if they did act up, then they would be put to death instead of being punished or disciplined. Therefore, the slaves acted on their best behavior. The German’s slaves had two options. They could either do what they were supposed to do and live with a life of ease, or the slaves could disobey their master’s demands which would have resulted in
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