Why Is Globalization Inevitable

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But this globalization leaved many questions to the people’s mind such is Globalization inevitable? And can we escape it? For me, based on the definition, globalization is, it refers to a worldwide movement of economic trade. An opening of the local and national through interconnectedness and interdependency, such as exporting and importing products around the globe. Is globalization inevitable? Yes, we cannot avoid globalization, why? Because as of now we are living where technology increases, it is inevitable, with a modern technology which our works become easier. It is easy to send a message through social media, unlike before we’re using handwriting letter just to send letters to our friends. It is easy to hop on a plane to fly across…show more content…
We cannot escape it because the technology that we have today is so close. There are some various aspects describing globalization. Globalization is a process where including economy, politics and culture the interconnected of economic and cultural activity so make globalization inevitable. It is entirely unavoidable. Globalization have the important role in the developing countries has certain advantages such as technological process. It has a lot of benefit in our daily life. It helps the country prevent poverty problems, creating job opportunities for the people, periphery countries depend heavily on the develop countries for raw materials, food and oil. That can be benefited the other country and it decreased the possibility of war among the countries. Many developing countries do benefited from the globalization. Globalization is also contributed to develop educational system where jobs require higher skills. Education is a basic object to improve nations. With the power of globalization educated ones can gain money to develop or to improve such countries to decrease rates illiteracy. Globalization also help the scientist to discover some diseases and it help them to create medicines to fight this deadly
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