Why Is Golf Important To Me Essay

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I’ve been golfing since I was a little kid. I’ve experienced many highs and lows, and have created many friendships and memories playing the game I love. Golf can teach you many lessons, if you pay attention. One of the lessons I’ve learned is that it takes perseverance and hard work if you want to excel at something.
I started hitting golf balls at the age of 2 with my dad and older brother. It wasn’t until I was six that I had my first golf lesson. Shortly thereafter, I began playing golf on smaller courses. At that point in my life, golf was a hobby. It was something to do on the weekend with my dad and brother. I simply enjoyed playing the game and competing with my older brother Bryan.
It wasn’t until the eighth grade that I realized golf had more to offer. At that time, I was playing baseball and basketball. Although I enjoyed them both of these sports, they weren’t the sport I loved. Eventually, I stopped playing them so that I could focus more of my time on golf. At first, I wasn’t very good but there was this drive and “fire” inside me that pushed me to practice longer and harder than others. That year, I got an opportunity to test my progress and to prove myself as a golfer. I made my first appearance in a varsity golf match. That day I shot a 43 to help my team secure a win over the
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Throughout all the ups and downs I’ve experienced from golf, the one lesson that I will always remember is how much perseverance, dedication, and hard work it took me to become skilled in golf. Golf has also taught me to have trust in myself and to be patient because sometimes results take time. As I plan a career in computer science, I know that the lessons I have learned from golf will help me reach my goals. Just like golf, I will need to learn as much as I can, and practice my skills and be patient to see the
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