Why Is Government Surveillance Important

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Is giving the government the ability to watch over the American people twenty four seven a safety-improving idea, or a step in the wrong direction? Would the people be safer under surveillance, or in more danger? There are risks and rewards to surveillance, and it must be understood which outweighs the other, and whether or not it will benefit our country in the long term. Surveillance may work at first, but as soon as it gets into the wrong hands, America will regret its decision. Surveillance would do more harm than good to the American people, and it would tear our country apart.
One of the main reasons government surveillance should not take place is the fact that it will divide our nation. The country is divided on many opinions, but some more than others. Surveillance can be seen as a way to protect our nation, but it can also be seen as a breach of our privacy. Surveys have shown the opinion of the American people on this topic. A recent
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The systems will be costly, dangerous, and rarely useful. According to a recent study, “you are 5,882 times more likely to die from medical error than terrorism” (Washington’s Blog). The tax money of the people should be used for more important issues, such as heart disease and cancer research. The resources of the American people need to be used for more important issues in the United States. Government surveillance would destroy the trust of the American people, and it would split our country apart. Government surveillance can cause great danger to the American people if it falls into the wrong hands. The systems will be an unnecessary investment, because the risks outweigh the rewards. The introduction of these systems would also divide the people of the United States. We must allow the government to understand the risks of surveillance and why it can be bad for the country, or we will face
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