Why Is Government Surveillance Necessary

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Why Government Surveillance Is Unnecessary Whether people know it or not, the NSA has been conducting mass surveillance on American citizens since the early twenty-first century. Many people argue whether it is good or bad for the people of America, but studies prove that it has a more negative than positive effect. The NSA stands for National Security Agency in which they are an intelligence organization meant for global monitoring of American citizens (www.nsa.gov).They have been known for processing data from Americans and foreign country leaders to find information they are looking for. Government surveillance has a negative effect on society because it invades citizens’ rights, creates a bad reputation for America, and it violates the…show more content…
When other countries see that leaders of the United States do not trust their citizens and have to spy on them to find out what they are doing, it shows that America cannot be trusted. Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General, states in her article “Global Opposition to USA Big Brother Mass Surveillance” that, “The United States should see this poll as a warning that surveillance is damaging its credibility. President Obama should heed the voice of people around the world and stop using the internet as a tool for collecting mass data about peoples’ private lives” (Paragraph 4). In the poll that Shetty took, fifteen-thousand people from thirteen different countries were polled on whether they were opposed to U.S. mass surveillance or with it; seventy-one percent opposed U.S. mass surveillance. This just goes to show that no matter how good of a reputation the U.S. has, government surveillance alone brings it down greatly. Jake Tapper, Chief Washington Correspondent and author to “Obama administration spied on German media as well as its government”, reports, “Der Spiegel on Friday reported on the event, writing that "it is becoming increasingly clear that representatives of the German government at best looked away as the Americans violated the law, and at worst supported them."” (Paragraph 19). Der Spiegel is a very popular German…show more content…
On the internet, there are many articles with different opinions on NSA surveillance, but the ones who believe NSA surveillance is negative have more facts from way more credible sources. One way to solve this is for the NSA to stop spying on American citizens and start to spy on criminals because most citizens have nothing to hide and catching criminals is more important. Maybe if people protest, the NSA would finally understand how illegal their acts are and stop collecting information from innocent people. You would never know if you are texting, your friends or family and a third party was viewing the text messages you sent. Be careful what you say over technology because the NSA could be processing your data as we

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