Why Is Gun Control Important Essay

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Did you know most crimes and murders include guns in them? Guns are dangerous and we need loopholes in gun control laws fixed. The 2nd amendment protects our rights to bear arms, in other words you have the right to own a gun. But crimes including guns have increasingly gotten more common, and that 's why we need laws that increase the background checks before you are able to buy a gun, and ban guns like the most common automatic rifle used in crimes the AR-15. People take the right to own a gun for granted. Not everybody uses guns to protect themselves, and the people who do sometimes aren 't trained and pull the trigger at the first site of danger. Guns are dangerous and we need to find a way to protect the 2nd amendment, while also making…show more content…
No more people need to get shot, we need to fix loopholes but protect the 2nd amendment at the same time. But some people think that in order for no more people to get hurt, the public should be stripped completely of their right to bear arms. And even though that would bring down shooting rates by a lot, that would anger the side of people that strongly believe that we should be able to own guns. So what we should do is make a compromise that allows the people to own guns, but make background checks much stronger. Doing this would please both the people that believe that we should completely abolish the right to bear arms, and the people that strongly believe the public should have the right to own guns. Making background checks stronger will make sure that the mentally ill and people who are angry don 't get guns. This will bring down shooting rates because if there is nobody that can get a gun with the intent to hurt someone else, there will be nobody to pull the trigger at an innocent person. If we just abolished the 2nd amendment and made guns illegal, that would cause people to riot and anger many people around the country, and if we don 't do anything then things will stay the same and shootings will
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