Why Is Gun Control Strict Too Much Essay

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Guns control is not strict enough these days. The U.S government does not put down laws strict enough to deal with people purchasing guns without having a license. Some people who are aggressive and have health issues should not be allowed to have guns because they might go out and shoot people in anger. "No legitimate study in the U.S has ever shown that gun control has any positive Impact on crime"? Therefore, the law needs to improve. In the present time, gun control laws are the much crime, the laws have to be changed so that it will be much easier for everyone to live without being afraid. Keeping guns away from people will reduce the amount of death each year. My first reason on why gun control should be strict is because there are massive shooting going on around the world these days. Few months back there is a terrorist attack in Paris, many people were harm and some innocent citizen were even killed by the attack. There is hatred going on between people which are causing the death. If the gun control laws were…show more content…
However, guns cause violence and death. Therefore, guns must be eliminated and should take away from the mentally ill and criminals. I want everyone to support the fact that people are being harm without any mistake. Join hands to be protective of each other and make the criminals feel guilty of what they have done so far. Government have allowed everyone to purchase guns for self defense not to take advantage of the guns. Not all who purchase guns are criminals but there are more than 70% of people who purchase guns to create violence and even to kill their family members in anger. Due to lots of shooting going on these days, the government now definitely should not allow anyone to purchase any kind of guns. Also, ask everyone with guns to give it back to the government. Now people need to live in peace without being afraid of
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