Why Is Gun Safety Important

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Knowledge is safety Gun safety, it’s a subject that has been a main topic in the past few years among many, especially within politics. It’s something that’s grown more in the past few years due to many shootings and accidents that have occurred. It’s something that needs to be addressed. I believe that gun safety is very important in the matters of teaching people that firearms are not a toy and should always be treated like they are loaded. Too many people decide to play around with guns like swinging them around, tossing them to people, and aiming the gun at other people and pretending to shoot them. These are signs that people are immature and shouldn’t be handling a firearm. I have seen some immature acts first hand. When I went to…show more content…
Gun negligence can cause some serious injuries and/ or even death due to just little mistakes that the handler can make. One of the most common things is when people decide to out their finger in the trigger guard and of the trigger itself before they are ready to shoot and the firearm ends up discharging, either striking the shooter or hitting someone around them. Other examples of gun negligence is when people disregard the know your backstop rule. This rule when shooting means that if you are shooting at a target, you should know what your target is and what is behind your target. Another is know where your barrel is pointed. This one is pretty obvious and means that you should know what direction that your barrel is pointing. When holding your gun, the only time it should be raised and leveled is when you are aiming at your target and are ready to shoot. When you are not shooting you gun should be pointed down at the floor at an angle. The last one is that you should know if you have one in the chamber. This is the biggest reason that people get hurt or killed because the person with the gun doesn’t check to see if there is a round in the
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