Why Is Gun Violence Good Or Bad Essay

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In today society, all the issues that are happening with gun violence on the TV, the questions that are asked are, “are all the statements against guns facts or opinions.” Are guns truly a danger or is it just an issue blown out of proportion? Violence is one of the leading issues in society. The government claims citizens solve disputes through talking to reach an agreement between each other. However, the truth is that most conflicts end with a weapon being pointed at someone to really get their point across. Although most people see it as an effective form of defense, people are more fearful of what is on the other side of their front door than what can happen in their own home. While growing up, some people’s parents kept guns in their houses. Their parents weren’t against owning a gun in the house. They should tell kids from a young age that guns are dangerous and to never play around with them. One can potentially kill someone if…show more content…
Guns made war less savage and protected soldiers in battle without them even having to get close to their enemy. Today, guns have reached far passed strictly being used in war; they are being used to murder, steal, and threaten innocent citizens. People are scared now more than ever because of guns falling into the wrong individual hands. Although guns have many negatives, they also have many positives to back them up in recent protests them. To start off with the more positive side of things, guns have been necessary for acquiring food for centuries. Without guns, hunting animals single handedly would be almost impossible. Nowadays, hunting has turned into more of a sport on television than anything; in different counrties around the world firearms are all they have to catch food and protect themselves. Taking away firearms from some people seem like your stealing a part of their life from them; but are really showing different ways of
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