Why Is Hamlet Acting Crazy

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Erin Rittenhouse Ms. Riley 7th hour English 1/14 /16 Hamlet Essay Is Hamlet acting crazy to confuse Claudius, and make him believe he is a weak target, or has he really gone mad? These are the questions that lie beneath the play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. In the play, Hamlet is faced with several different situations, and tasks. In the beginning of the play Hamlet is faced with a very hard situation, the loss of his father. While grieving he discovers that his mother will be married to his uncle Claudius. Hamlet had to talk to the ghost of his father, and found out Claudius was the reason for King Hamlet’s death. He wants revenge, he is to kill Claudius, without hurting his mother Queen Gertrude. Hamlet writes a play to get
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