Why Is Hamlet Crazy

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Hamlet, who is the main protagonist in the play, is easily one of the most complicated characters in the play. Everyone that reads the play debates if Hamlet is actually crazy or if it is actually a big giant act in front of people he does not really trust. Time moved too fast for Hamlet during the play only a little under two months after his father’s death his mother got remarried to his uncle and his uncle took over the kingdom. Shortly after the marriage and the coronation the late king’s ghost appears before Hamlet when he tells the guards he wants to see it. The ghost tells Hamlet of his murder and Hamlet declares that he will exact revenge for his father’s death. “...So, uncle, there you are. Now to my word. It is ‘Adieu, adieu, remember me.’ I have sworn’t” (1.5.115-117)…show more content…
The most he does in the beginning is the play within the play that he has the actors put on that basically reenacts his father’s death to try and get a reaction out of Claudius and Gertrude. Hamlet does not really gain momentum to get revenge until he hears about Young Fortinbras towards the end of the play. In 4.4 Hamlet delivers his soliloquy that states that while Young Fortinbras is killing thousands for nothing at all, he himself does have something that is worth killing for to him. Although he not only exacts his revenge in the end he also loses his life in the process as well after killing off Claudius, and giving his blessing for Young Fortinbras to become the next king of
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