Why Is Hamlet Justified In Hamlet

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Hamlet has been through a lot… his father has passed away, his mother has so quickly remarried not to no normal man but to his uncle. Then his friends start claiming that they’ve seen a ghost and not any regular ghost but his deceased father’s ghost… it may all sound crazy but now his father’s ghost wants Hamlet to get revenge for his father’s death. The ghost claims that his uncle did it! At first the words were hard to process and he didn’t believe but then he thought of an idea… what if Hamlet acted crazy and found little ways for his uncle to give reactions that make the statement true or not… believe it or not Hamlet eventually does end up killing his uncle, but were his actions justified? Here is some references that may help you decide.…show more content…
Obviously the queen didn’t believe what he was saying because she says “These words like daggers enter in mine ears.” (DOC C.). But in all of this Polonius was listening to the whole conversation so when Polonius thought that Hamlet was trying to hurt the queen he yelled something from the tapestry… Of course Hamlet automatically assumed that it was the king so he stabbed him… then he saw it was Polonius and he couldn’t believe it but he still tried to convince his mother. But before all of this the ghost in the beginning said “against thy mother aught: leave her to heaven and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge, to prick and sting her…” (DOC A). Then the ghost makes an appearance in the room and reminds Hamlet that he needs to talk to his mother but don’t make it sound like it was her fault. So in this passage the Ghost thinks that Hamlet’s actions aren’t justified because he still hasn’t killed the king
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