Why Is Hamlet Morally Wrong

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All of Hamlet’s actions were driven because if his need to get revenge on Claudius. Morally Hamlet made many mistakes. Just to name a few, Hamlet drove Ophelia to suicide, he killed Polonius when he did not do anything wrong, and he disrespected his mother. Morally Hamlet wronged these people and damaged them. His need for revenge blurred his focus on others. Hamlet’s revenge made him play with Ophelia's emotions. She thought that they were going to make a life together but Hamlet clearly let his plan to mess with Claudius get in the way of any future that they could of possibly of had together. In at 3 of the play, Hamlet showed the little trust that he had in woman. He completely disrespected her by saying that she should not be married and no guy would want her. Men are supposed to act respectful to women and Hamlet did the complete opposite. Morally it is wrong and Hamlet’s revenge plot is to blame for his actions,…show more content…
Prior to Polonius being in the room, the queen and Hamlet were in the middle of having a heated discussion. The heated discussion only took place because of Hamlet’s need for revenge. He wanted revenge on Claudius so he extended his anger to his mother. The disrespect to the queen ultimately led to her death. She died because she was stubborn when she was told not to drink from the cup.The stubbornness came from her argument with Hamlet. The queen felt like she was not being heard in that situation, so she wanted to stand up but it killed her.This chain reaction was all caused because Hamlet decided that his primary focus was to kill
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