Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Persistence, enduring and diligent work are the essential factors which lead to excellence and desired success. Hard work is what is vital in finding success. Talent is simply a trigger or a tiny advantage to those who have it, nevertheless, it is not enough to achieve proficiency and guarantee success.
In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell states based on the study of K. Anders Ericsson that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a particular field. Gladwell (2008 pp 35-68) studied the lives of different incredibly successful people such as Bill Gates and Bill Joy, to find out how they achieved success. All the indicated billionaires reached to their top by practicing more than ten thousand hours. Hence, the study proves that everyone needs approximately ten thousand hours of practice to be a master in a certain field, which considers an essential even fatal factor for success.
According to Gladwell (2008) natural talent is not important, it absolutely does not play a role. The psychologists detected direct
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Instead of becoming an ordinary teacher she concentrated on the writing and publishing stories. She was the only daughter in a family of six sons. Her father used to treat her daughter as a son, which made Cisneros feel isolated and unaccepted. Thus, she used her isolation as a time to thrive as a writer and become a creative thinker whose main goal was gaining father’s approval. Cisneros states in the story, “Last year, after ten years of writing professionally, the financial rewards started to trickle in.” (1995, p. 2). Hence, she put a certain goal, concentrated on her purpose and achieved it due to persistent effort spending considerable amount of time on practice. Sandra Cisneros is another individual who reached desired success by hard work, in spite of
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