Why Is Harrison Bergeron Truly Equal

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Nobody in the story Harrison Bergeron was truly the same. People having devices to make them equal didn’t make sense because people still looked different. Devices or methods to take away talents or intelligence didn’t work either. Everybody in Harrison Bergeron was unique in some way. The people in the story weren’t truly equal, and there are a couple of examples to prove it. Harrison Bergeron was naturally good looking, but the H-G men made him do all these methods for handicapping so he wouldn’t look good. Not everyone was equal because nobody was cloned. Since nobody was cloned, everybody was a little different. Harrison’s brain never changed with all the devices on him. He was a genius. The text states, “...he is a genius and an athlete,…show more content…
The author states that George Bergeron’s intelligence was way above normal, so the Handicapper General,the person in charge of giving everyone the devices or methods for handicapping, had to give him a radio to put in his ear. The radio didn’t make him equal with everyone else because it didn’t take the intelligence that God gave him away. The radio not taking away George Bergeron’s intelligence away meant that no one was truly equal. George Bergeron was still an intelligent person with or without the radio in his ear. People weren’t truly equal in Harrison Bergeron because the methods or devices used for handicapping didn’t take anything away from the story’s people’s true selves. Harrison Bergeron was still a genius, and George Bergeron was still a smart person. The Handicapper General really didn’t make anyone equal. He just made life worse for everyone, and he attempted to take away people’s talents and strengths that God gave them. Although no one was ever truly equal in Harrison Bergeron, people still had difficult lives, and people were not able to use what God gave
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