Why Is Hatshepsut Important

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Hatshepsut was considered to be the first importance woman who ruled long-term over Egypt as a king in ancient Egypt .She belonged to the 18th dynasty of pharaohs.Evenmore remahkably, Hatshepsut achieved her power without bloodshed or social trauma. The name of her meant “the foremost of women”.(Ellen 8 ).Likes her name, she would not only become” the foremost of women” but the foremost of all people in the kingdom for 22 years.

Thutmose I has two wives, one called Ahmose and another called Mutnofret. He had four sons with Mutnofret, called Wadjmose, Amenmose,Ramose, and Thutmose, and at least two daughters with his wife Ahmose, called Princess Hatshepsut and a her sister princess Neferubity who died in infancy.( …show more content…

The official nurses and others who cared for all the royal children came from the nobility, her beloved Sitre,known as Inet.The position of wet-nurse was honourable,often given as a reward to the mother and wifes of the élite courtiers.Hatshepsut’s formal education would have begun when she was four or five. It was unusual for an ancient Egyptian girl to be trained to read and write, but she was not a normal girl. First she was taught how to hold scribe’s brush and ink palette in her lap while she sat cross-legged.She learn the difference between formal hieroglyphic and cursive hieratic writing to draw many hundreds of hieroglyphs , and to memorize their phonetic equilvalent and symbolic meanings.To master the written language, Hatshepsut would then read and copy all types of Egypt literature-mythical stories,ethical instructions,songs and hyms,and the great histories of the kings who had served Egypt before her father.(Cooney 35). The text was helpful to gaver her training in leadership, ethics, religion,ritual,economics, moralties and history.She was a special girl. She spended almost time with adult instead of children her own …show more content…

Hatshepsut also maintained her role as Egypt’s highest priestess.She continues her temple duties as God’s Wife of Amen. According to Egyptian worship many gods and goddesses.These were the rulers who drove the Hyksos out of Egypt and their native city was Thebes, which then became the leading city in Egypt. They believed that their local deity, Amen, had guided them in their victory and the cult rose to national importance.She inherited her title from her mother, Queen Ahmose.But in the road to exercise kingship, she dropped this title and took up the title King’s Eldest Daughter.On this same relief, she also introduced a new name to encapsulate her transforming personal:Maatkare (The Soul of Re Is Truth).Hatshepsut was taking on a second name, a throne name reserved for king.She

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