Why Is Hermine Santrouschitz Important To History

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When I picked this person I asked myself two essential questions, Who is this person and why is she important to history ? I believe Hermine Santrouschitz aka Miep Gies is important to history because she helped hide the Franks and other families . I mean if you think about it without her we wouldn’t have read about “The Diary of Anne Frank” because it wouldn’t have existed . Meaning if she wouldn’t have hid the Franks Anne and her family would have just been sent straight to a concentration camp right away and they all would have probably died right when they got there . So the reason is she is important in history is because she helped others in need and Anne’s diary which showed people tolerance and would have never existed and their story would have never been told but it was all thanks to Hermine Santrouschitz or Miep Gies . Miep Gies early life & background Hermine Santrouschitz (Miep Gies) was…show more content…
I feel that in played some sort of a domino effect in history . Reason being Miep grows up in foster home . She gets married and works for the Otto Frank . The Nazis take over and she helped hide the Franks in the annex as well as other families . In the annex Anne wrote about her life . Anne writes about her life we have a story to read . After reading the story we learn about tolerance and incorporate it into our everyday life . Aside from Miep hiding the families in the annex she also had achieved saving the diaries . Hermine hadn’t done a thing to the diaries because she wanted to wait until the Frank's returned . Otto Frank was the only one who returned and he published Anne's diaries . One more thing Miep achieved was she didn’t go corrupt and give up the Franks hiding because she was scared or feared although she was scared she stayed strong for the families . Miep saved the family for two years and to me that's a big accomplishment to do especially when Nazis are raiding everyone

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