Why Is Hitler The Worst Dictator

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History books and common knowledge among many modern circles place Hitler as the worst dictator in history. Though as you may still think he is the worst, let yourself be at least enlightened by information that will prove to you there are worse examples of dictators. So without further delay, this is why Hitler is not the worst dictator in history.

Hitler was not a dictator initially Unlike many dictators who take power through revolutions and bloodshed: Hitler took power because he was elected democratically. Which, typically, a dictator gains power through revolution. In Hitler’s was elected chancellor of Germany in 1931. Unlike his main Rival, Joseph Stalin, who took power after the assassination of his mentor, Lenin. Hitler was
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He wanted to repair it and free it from foreign control. By breaking up pre-war American owned banks he severely cut the effects of depression-era Europe and America. Which, similar actions performed by Lincoln and even JFK ended with their convenient demise. He also gave subsidies and medals to women who birthed children. He also enforced strict laws that detailed the respect of women and how to treat a woman. It was also common to see women in power of local affairs such as mayors and even in a few cases senators of the German provinces. If Hitler was a horrible, all hating dictator. Why did he make such decision to give the people such power and even paying them? Usually, a dictator has little respect towards his/her subjects and would not even use federal money to pay his subjects. Which in Hitler’s case: he…show more content…
Or any of the numerous issues they had or things they did. For starters. Many people say how Hitler lead to the deaths of over 12,000,000 people. Well, Stalin alone beat it by 18,000,000. Mao outclassing them by 52,000,000 and counting. They also did little to help the working class and made the gap between the poor and the rich larger and larger. They even found their people expendable. A quote from Stalin commenting on the death of a little girl in Red Square says “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths make her, but a statistic.” would you think Hitler was as evil as a man who disgraces a girl’s murder? Would it also affect your choice who was worse if I bring up how Mao barred the purchase of food for his citizens in an attempt to thin the population? Stalin held purges for his citizens and anyone who was deemed an undesirable. Many can and most likely do feel that Hitler was worse because of his Jewish persecution, and his involvement with the final solution. Though that is a very common misconception. First, Jewish persecution and even attempted eradication ranges all the way back to their founding. If Hitler really was the monster that orchestrated the Holocaust, he would be one in a very long line of persecutors. The monster who really gave the framework to the tragedy we call the holocaust was not Hitler. He was in fact, a plumber.
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