Why Is Hockey Important To Me Essay

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Each time I step on the broad ice, my brothers and I go to war against our opponents. Doing what I love and having fun is important to me. My interest in the game is immense and it is my passion. Having to compete with great intensity and having fun at the same time is a very important factor. I have played many sports in my life, but hockey is the only one that grabbed my attention. Being able to release my stress that has built up inside of me is one of the greatest feelings. Hockey defines me in a way like no other, because it has made me into the person I am today. Growing up, I spent a tremendous amount of time ice skating at the local mall. One day my friends and I were confronted by a man in his mid twenties with bright blue eyes and…show more content…
My sophomore year in High School I had to choose one sport to play. My family has a great history of playing football and that is what they wanted me to pursue. It seemed like I never wanted to be at practice, though the only reason I stayed in it was because the off-season made me bigger,stronger and more nimble. Senior year came around and I was invited to come back and play hockey. My mind had been overwrought because I have not skated in a while. When I first laced up my skates after the long drought of not playing tears started to form in my eyes. I was not sad, but I realized the big mistake I had made. This year I am able to play both sports and manage to get all of my school work done.
Meeting someone who plays hockey is such an amazing thing because we share something a lot of people do not have. Being raised in Texas meeting hockey players is special because there is not many of us. The past year I have volunteered to help kids learn to ice skate because one day they could have the same feeling for the game as I do. If it wasn't for hockey I would have a totally different identity. I learned the importance of brotherhood and other great valuable lessons being a part of a
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